Congratulations to Ai's home, which won the first place in the “Gujia Home” Outsourcing Factory Technology Competition

Editor:浙江淳尚家居有限公司 │ Release Time:2018-12-20 

In today's increasingly competitive market, consumers are increasingly demanding product quality. The life of the company lies in the product, and the life of the product lies in the quality.

In order to promote the participation of all employees in quality management, ensure the smooth development of the quality management system, and improve the product quality of Gujiajiao, Gujia Home Manufacturing Co., Ltd. held the third “Quality Month” event in June 2016. Gujiajiao strategic partners participated in this technology competition.

After several rounds of competition, I love the home all the way through the customs, in many homes outside the factory, stand out from the factory, after the quality of the year after 2015, once again won the "first place" results.

CASO  will continue to uphold the concept of responsible for product quality, strictly control every production process, each of our loved ones will do three standards of quality: grasp the standard in hand, keep in mind the standard, the product Standards compliant! For the majority of customers at home and abroad to provide the highest quality, most assured products and services!

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