China's first new Chinese home culture summit forum and Chen Shi Hongmu New Products Merchants Fortune Summit held

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From December 15th to 16th, Zibo Boshan, Fenghe Ri Li, warm sun and high light, the first new Chinese home culture summit forum hosted by Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture was held in the local area! Ms. Niu Guangxia, President of Shandong Furniture Association, Mr. Qiu Wanyong, President of Zibo Light Industry Association, Mr. Liu Chengzhi, Deputy Head of Boshan District Committee, Mr. Zhao Songnan, Director of Shandong Redwood Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center, and Mr. Chen Yong, Chairman of Chen Shihongmu Furniture attended the meeting. The second forum, and from different angles to analyze the current situation of the home market and the future of Chinese home.

Speech by Ms. Niu Guangxia, President of Shandong Furniture Association

Ms. Niu Guangxia pointed out in her speech that Shandong is a major province for the manufacture and consumption of furniture. The total amount of solid wood furniture, including mahogany furniture, is among the top in the country. With the improvement of consumer life, furniture has risen from using products to cultural and creative products, and furniture carries people's attitudes towards life. Therefore, in recent years, furniture brands that have a unique design with a certain lifestyle have begun to sell well. Chen Shi Furniture's new “Rupery” and “Holland” series are very good in design, culture, lifestyle and other aspects, and play a good demonstration effect in the industry. In 2015, Shandong's furniture industry's main business income reached more than 140 billion, an increase of nearly 10%, ranking second in the country. This achievement has been contributed by many excellent companies like Chen Shi.

Mr. Chen Yong, Chairman of Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture, delivered a speech

Mr. Chen Yong, Chairman of Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture, expressed his gratitude to the community and industry colleagues for their great hopes for Chen Shi Furniture. Mr. Chen pointed out that in the next decade, China's furniture industry will enter a second period of rapid development. With the improvement of consumption levels, environmental awareness is getting stronger and stronger, and the taste of life is getting higher and higher. Mahogany furniture is used as high-end furniture and preserves and adds value. The advantages of inheritability are constantly sought after by mid- to high-end consumers. With the rise of 8090 consumers, their purchasing power is improving. Their attitudes towards life have their own unique insights. They have their own understanding of Chinese home culture. Therefore, based on traditional culture, mahogany furniture began to seek innovation. The new Chinese furniture era is coming. Newcomers to mahogany furniture are more likely to have a one-stop overall service including softcover. The important development opportunities for mahogany furniture in the new era have already been placed in front of the industry colleagues.

New product investment event: leading the industry trend

On the occasion of this home culture forum, Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture also hosted a new product launch conference of its two new series of “Rugao” and “Holland”, and more than 200 dealers from all over the country gathered together to discuss the new era. Channel merchant wealth plan.

The new Chinese-style "Luyi" series combines Chinese elements such as porcelain, liuqin and strings with modern design advantages to make the furniture more elegant and full of music and a refreshing visual experience. The "Luyi" series is divided into 3 small series. The 3 small series are mainly matched with 3 elements: porcelain music, music music, and good music. They are embellished with "lupe" from different angles, which makes the reckless in the quiet.

Tasting "Luyi" and "Holland" series

The neo-classical "Hay" series combines the essence of classical furniture culture with modern furniture culture. In the traditional Chinese style, the integration of modern fashion elements, breakthrough innovation, blending classical and fashion, fully embodies the harmonious beauty of neo-classical furniture. The motif is based on lotus, the lotus of lotus, the harmony of harmony, and the harmony of cooperation are homophonic. It means "peace", "harmony", "home and everything".

Mr. Pan Recycling, the general manager of Shenzhen Jieshen Design Co., Ltd., who leads the product development, told the author that in the moment, the needs of consumers have undergone qualitative changes, and the era of personalization has arrived. In the mahogany furniture industry, high-income and wealthy classes have a traditional cultural sentiment. There is a special liking, but it tends to change and innovate. The neo-classical "Holland" series is positioned here; the new younger family is striving for fashion and individuality, but the quality of life is increasingly demanding, and the new Chinese-style "Reckless" series fills This demand, both the texture of the mahogany and the new cultural symbols, is just right. Moreover, the raw materials of "Rupery" use Hedgehog rosewood, and "Hay" uses large-fruit rosewood, which also has a clear positioning in the material.

Visit Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture Industrial Park

Good products also have a huge production base and raw material reserves. During the visit to Chen Shi Hongmu New Industrial Park, the production workshop area of 100,000 square meters gave the dealers enough shock, and the high-end mahogany raw materials reserve of 10,000 yuan The dealers have relaxed their minds and have studied the details of the production process, and they are full of confidence in the future development of Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture.

Not only is the hardware facilities strong, Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture has also launched a forward-looking business model. Under the precise positioning of “Luyi” and “Houyi”, in the storefront terminal, cooperate with a visual culture company in Shenzhen to realize the 3D of the new series of products, and enhance the visual experience of consumers; The storefront configuration screen is designed to simplify the process and provide diverse services for consumers; in the marketing system, in cooperation with China Household Investment Promotion Institute, the dean Wu Changjiang personally supervises the construction of Chen Shi Furniture's marketing system for dealers. The marketing strategy is escorted.

A senior dealer who has been in the industry for many years told the author that in the mahogany furniture industry, like Chen Shi, from the product development design, product market positioning, cultural output positioning, to the terminal storefront, the marketing system is guaranteed, there are production systems. Powerful, it is the only one in the industry.

Moreover, according to the huge production capacity and high efficiency management level, each series is positioned as the most cost-effective product in the same level, allowing channel operators to develop the market more competitively, and realize with consumers, channels, and manufacturers. The three parties have a win-win situation.


This new product launch conference, dealers joined the enthusiasm, witnessed the confidence of the systemized business model to the market. More than 40 dealers signed a cooperation agreement on the spot, pushing the whole new product launch conference to a climax. The scene was full of people and the event was unprecedented.

The two-day industry event not only gave the industry a name for development, but also provided the industry with a platform to carry this development direction, and provided various boosting powers for this platform. Chen Shi Hongmu Furniture has set an example in the development of the furniture industry.