2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week Highlights Review

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On March 27th, the final forum of the 2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair was successfully concluded in Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park, which was the perfect ending for the Shenzhen Home Design Week. From March 13th to 27th, 2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair will be held at the main venue Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (March 19-22) and the off-site event venue Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park (March 13-27) Day) Set up 8 consecutive trade show and design exhibitions, 22 exciting forums and independent speeches, 2 theme shows and 2 design tours. This is an international cultural event in Shenzhen. This is an unprecedented design show. It is designed to be oriented, quality is the endorsement, and the brand show with innovation is in Shenzhen. Today, let's review the highlights of Shenzhen Home Design Week in this half-month!

2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

Main venue Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center March 19-22, 2016

  This Shenzhen Home Design Week was received by Guangdong Provincial Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Secretary Ma Xingrui, Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Xu Qin, Shenzhen Municipal People's Government Deputy Mayor Chen Wei, and Shenzhen Economic and Trade and Informationization Committee Director Guo Limin Xie Jianmin, deputy director of Shenzhen Economic, Trade and Information Technology Committee, Gao Lin, deputy director of Shenzhen Economic, Trade and Information Technology Committee, Zhu Changling, chairman of China Furniture Association, Zhang Bingbing, vice chairman and secretary general of China Furniture Association, and chairman of Shenzhen Fashion Creative Alliance Hou Kepeng and Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Fashion Creative Alliance Shen Yongfang, Consul General of the Royal Danish Consulate General in Guangzhou Ole Lindholm, Reima Sutinen, Cabinet Consultant of the Ministry of Employment and Economy of Finland, Maria Elena Angeli of the Italian Tuscan Traditional Handicraft Association, Royal Architects of the United Kingdom John Reid Campbell, Chairman of the Hong Kong Branch of the Association, Sunita Sujanani, American Institute of Architects, Michael Atkin, Chairman of RDI Hong Kong, Poon Ho Lun (Allen), President of the Chinese University Architecture Association, Kent Wong, Hong Kong Designers Association and their designer delegation attention.

In the four-day event held at the main venue Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, there were 250,000 visitors and more than 1,000 brands. The colorful exhibition activities, the comprehensive furniture exhibition and the excellent detail management prove that the 2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair are a never-ending design show.

Denmark's simple and happy Nordic design is the most eye-catching

Many famous international home brands in Denmark, such as Verpan, Noir, Onecollection, PP Møbler, Eilersen, Louise Poulsen, VITA, Jacob Jensen, etc. Denmark is distinguished from traditional fashion tastes and is famous for its unique design. Its simple, practical, elegant and fresh, classic and modern intertwined style is a typical representative of Nordic design. “Danish Life • Design” has also become the most popular area in Shenzhen's home design week, where you can experience the simple and simple lifestyle of Denmark and let the soul take a trip to Northern Europe.

Meet the colorful masters of Italian design masters

The Italian designers created colorful squares with the concept of “Design Road” by designers from Italy, Spain, such as Vincenzo Carpentieri, Giacomo Alessandria, Paolo Mancia, Paolo Dellapiana, Salvatore Cinqueoncie, Eli Gonzalez and Ana Rio Vilar.

The giant personalized devices and the dynamic colorful spheres are displayed in front of the public. The visitors can collide with the design inspiration and play games with the design.

Pioneering the move of the model house

The 2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair will be the first to move the model house into the exhibition. In the Hall 5 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the “Residential Design Optimization and Bakery Experience Exhibition” will be set up. In this “Residential Design Optimization and Bag Surrounding Experience Exhibition”, five sample houses with different 1:1 ratios were displayed, which were 54㎡、82㎡、95㎡、110㎡and 125㎡  respectively. Designer groups are from Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other places.

The five large-sized units are composed of five kinds of today's most popular home styles: Mediterranean, European, New Chinese, Simple Modern and American. For those who come to Shenzhen Home Design Week, which type is your dish?

Design big coffee to play the living room show and soft show

Today's most TOP design big coffee Pan Hongbin, Li Xiang, Ge Yazhen, Zhang Qingping, Liang Jinxi, Liu Weijun, Yin Yanming, Feng Zhifeng, Hong Yani & Chen Houfu and Taipei contemporary design group, using the layers to mix and match different feelings, can be simple, complex, overall The shape highlights the personal style. The "big coffee, living room life design show" and "big coffee soft decoration design window show" with different themes are really eye-catching.

Original Design Exhibition of Oriental Aesthetics

In the No. 1 Hall of Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, the original design furniture exhibition full of oriental artistic conception has become a highlight of the exhibition. The brands such as Qiankun, Freedom Workshop, Benn, Jianmo, Naite, and Yuanben made us immersed in In the context of oriental aesthetics. They infused the profound Chinese cultural heritage into the furniture brand, exuding the modern Chinese style of aesthetics. Modern and classical, sensual and rational blend perfectly, which makes people meaningful.

Thinking Collision Forum Feast

During the three-day period from March 19 to 21, 18 exciting forums and independent speeches were held in the forum area of Hall 5 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. Gao Wen'an, Ge Yazhen, Chuangbin, Liang Jinghua, Dai Kun, Nicola Ricciardi, Vincenzo Carpentieri, Paolo Mancia, Paolo Dellapiana, Hans Henrik Sørensen and other famous designers from Italy, Denmark, Hong Kong, China and Taiwan, and Rose Famous people in the industry such as Guan Yongkang are focusing on hot topics in interior design, building materials, real estate, furniture and other industries to stimulate more inspiration and enhance the future of the industry.

A colorful art exhibition

The “Space Architecture Art Exhibition” in Hall 4 is full of brilliance, with beautiful home accessories and florals to present a beautiful home lifestyle. Excellent home furnishing companies such as Klitt, Fischer Rain, Litian and Omega have become a beautiful landscape in the exhibition.

Design Dome for Best Business Value

As soon as you step into the platform of the 2nd floor of Hall 5 of the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, you can see the pure white shell jumping on the emerald green carpet. This is the design dome composed of the home industry chain design service organization and the interior design studio. The exhibition area, with its design booth design, is very eye-catching. At the exhibition site, these best domestic design agencies provide furniture companies with the most commercial value and quality services.

“Golden Award” for design, quality and innovation

The continuous innovation of the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair has given the “Golden Dragon Award” a leading role in the trend, making the “Golden Dragon Award” a symbol of the highest quality in the minds of furniture people. The Shenzhen Home Design Week continues to encourage design efforts to recognize outstanding companies.

High-end luxury fashion dinner

Shenzhen Furniture adheres to the brand name of Shenzhen Design, Shenzhen Quality, Shenzhen Service and so on. On the evening of March 19th, the organizers of the exhibition jointly organized the “Aurora Night” high-end dinner with 10 enterprises of “Shenzhen Furniture” to inject high-end fashions such as symphony, fashion show, musical and violin performance into the fashion industry.

The fashion creativity of the Danish Design Night once again brought Shenzhen International Furniture Fair to a new level, and interpreted the Danish design and the oriental fashion. Designers from Denmark, Italy, Germany, Spain and other places gathered together to create a feast!

Unparalleled Super Furniture Show

In addition, Shenzhen International Furniture Fair also has 9 major halls with the theme of “Color Shenzhen” - European and American luxury living custom museum, whole house custom furniture museum, urban solid wood museum, children's furniture hall, smart home experience hall, etc. In addition to visually giving you an unparalleled sense of beauty, it also brings a lot of business model innovation and channel innovation!

2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair

Off-site activities Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park March 13-27, 2016

The main venue activities are wonderful and colorful. The venue of the off-site event Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park is also full of popularity. The off-site activities of this Shenzhen Home Design Week and the 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair are also very colorful, in addition to the half-month Loft·Inscription Tour, there are 2 design trips with the masters, and 4 The colorful design forum lectures, in the most culturally highland of Shenzhen, enjoy the style of the design capital and feel the influence of culture and art.

Going to a design journey full of exploration desires

On March 20th and 21st, there were numerous designers from all over the country who came to visit Shenzhen's popular cross-border designer Ge Yazhen and the internationally renowned Hong Kong design father Gao Wen'an. The popularity was very bursting. It is rare to be able to listen to the most cutting-edge design concepts of these two design masters. The fans of the two events are enthusiastic, listening to the masters' insights and colliding with the diverse design world!

Meet the literary fan of the Loft imprint

Shenzhen Overseas Chinese Town Creative Culture Park is the highland of Chinese culture and art. As the only off-site event of Shenzhen Home Design Week, it attracts countless design fans who have come from all over the country. Here you can enjoy a whole day of comfort and tranquility. Petty cafés, trendy clothing stores, delicious restaurants from all over the world, and fresh and independent bookstores... Experience the art and culture and experience an elegant lifestyle.

Explore the sharing of "Design and Life"

March 13-27, "One Person, One World" OCT-LOFT Lecture "Design·Life" sharing rally shows, explores and drives the future of Shenzhen design from different angles, Italian designer Salvatore Cinqueoncie, Spanish designer Ana Rio Vilar, Sweden Designers Katarina Ivarsson and Anders P Hellberg, as well as famous designers from Hong Kong, China, Li Zhirong, and Taiwan's Taipei contemporary design group, have attracted countless audiences who love design and love art.

2016 Shenzhen Home Design Week and 31st Shenzhen International Furniture Fair have ended perfectly, but the eternal moments of these designs and innovations will be cast into eternity, and its profound connotation and spirit will continue to the next.